Learn more about our family owned and operated company, providing quality air conditioning services for over 30 years.


Ron originally hails from Pennsylvania but has lived in Florida since 1957. Shortly after attending Miami Dade Jr. College and the University of Miami, Ron worked for Miami Heating and Ventilation. While there, he learned how to design successful air conditioning systems for buildings of all types.

From 1965 through1969, Ron spent his time serving in the U.S. Air Force. He later moved to West Palm Beach in 1970. Soon after Ron founded Davis Air Conditioning Service, Inc. in 1977, he attained a Class “A” air conditioning license to practice in the State of Florida. He values providing trustworthy, professional and affordable services for all customers.

Ron is happily married to his wife of 41 years. He has two children, Frank and Cyndi, along with two grandchildren, Maddison and Presley.


Anthony has lived in West Palm Beach since 1999 and brings over 12 years of expertise regarding residential HVAC. He graduated New England Tech in 2002, while joining Davis Air Conditioning Service, Inc. that same year. He values working as a team and finding solutions for customers. Anthony knows that customer satisfaction and trust is the most important. He is married to his wife, Katya, and has two children, Sebastian and Samantha.