Talk the talk and Walk the walk

As we move from another winter to another spring. Lets be sure to have a clear understanding about our most important precious appliance, the Air Conditioner. Ever stop and think about that word ? I think it should have been Conditioned Air System myself.

How much time and money do we spend on conditioning our air? According to multiple source the average household spent $ 3500.00 last year . What do we get for that money ? Air in our house that has the heat, moisture and dust removed. Simple . But every wonder how many hours you’ve paid for that? Some say an average of 2,200 hours  per year in South Fla. I’ll leave it to you to figure out how much an hour.

Filters are the first thing that should be looked at , so let’s just simplify the discussion. color codes are normally used to instantly see what the ratings are and how much dust it will catch. Blue is below 30% White id usually above 50% . Types vary from fiberglass to pleated to electronic. I’m a Blue Poly guy myself. Buy it by the roll and never run out of filter media.

NOW, the most damaging part of the ac is the water line, that gets rid of the moisture. If that clogs and they will if not properly maintained. ( hint: buy a small wet vac and clear the line 2x a year.)

Ok, all most done . This is the bread and butter of the system, the inside coil through thermodynamics will remove heat passed over the coil. Takes it  to the coil in the outdoor condenser and removes the heat from the gas . I.E. place your hand over the fan outside and that heat was once in your house. The whole process is the coils. Keep them clean and the Conditioned Air System will work at peak performance .

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