As a field tech of more then 15 years , I was always asked the most important question. Is it time to
change out my A/C. Let me first share this story with you. One of my calls was in the afternoon maybe a Weds. I got out of my van, and grabbed my tools. Upon knocking on the door , the resident explained the fan would not stop running. I already know that maybe it’s a fan relay, but I first start at the beginning. I go to the Thermostat and cut the green wire ( controls fan relay ) , still running, I go to the air-handler, and find a Singer Air Furnace,( I thought they only made sewing machines), I cut the green wire, still running. Fan relay faulty. I explain to the resident that the part is faulty and needs to be replaced. She gives me the thumbs up and I begin my repair. The part goes in very easy and I check the operation of the relay. When I was placing the panel on the air handler, I noticed that on the back the installer signed the panel. Installed 11/68 . Oldest unit that I ever worked on, and yes it is still running…. Little side note : The first season of Little House on the Prairie was playing on the T.V.
in the background.
So, when is it time to change out your a/c ? Answer these questions ?
1. More then 12 years old 2. Out of Warranty 3. Repair is over $1000.00 4. High electric bills
5. I have come back to put new parts on 3 times in the last 2 months 6. When you want to be able to pull the house down to 65 degrees.

With today’s prices, take your time and be sure your working with a reputable company.

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