The Advantages of Two Speed Air-Conditioning…

From the beginning of the invention of A/C , the main goal was to lower the Humidity. In 1902 Willis Carrier , started His first A/c System to remove enough humility to allow the ink to dry properly
in a magazine printing shop. ( Google , Carrier Invention of A/C )…
Fast forward to today and we have a/c systems that have broken the ceiling of indoor control.
The Bryant Preferred 2 speed system , has in my opinion the best dehumidification control system on the market. Here’s how it works , when the thermostat calls for cooling the sensor will determine if dehumidification is required, according to the setting ( average humidity in a house should be 50-55%).
The Air-Handler blower motor locks into a low speed, the condenser locks into a low speed, air crossing the indoor coil slow, allows the coil to pick-up more heat and moisture from the air. Once the dehumidification process is complete the system will resume to high speed . Basically 80 degrees feels
like 78 degrees , due to lower humidity…
All of this allows the a/c to have lower run times , big saving when the electric bill comes in …..

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